Location of activities

Sintiki  is a municipality in the Serres regional unit, Central Macedonia, Greece. The seat of the municipality is the town Sidirokastro. It is built near the fertile valley of the river Strymonas, on the bank of the Krousovitis River with natural spas and beautiful nature.The wetland habitat of the artificial Lake Kerkini, created by a dam on the Strymon River. This singular habitat, protected by the RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands, is Greece’s natural frontier with Bulgaria. It is one of the richest fowl habitats in Greece: home to more than 300 species. The Sidirokastro  and Aggistro Hot Springs have a temperature around  of 45°.Thousands of people go to these hot springs every year, both for recreation or therapy, especially since the recent renovation of the area’s tourist facilities.

Municipality of Volvi was named after lake Volvi, the second largest lake in Greece. It is about 19 km in length, and 12.9 km wide. The area is 68 km² and the depth is 20 m. Municipality includes popular destinations like Asprovalta and Stayros at the Strymonikos bay of  the Aegean sea.

Municipality of Struga is located in the Southwest planning region of N.M. Struga is located in an open valley on Lake Ohrid and is a popular tourist destination situated in the south-western region of the country.

Strumica is located in the southeastern part of the country, close to the borders with Greece. It is situated in the geographical region of the Strumica Field, where the field meets the highland elevating into the Plavuš (west) and Belasica (south) mountains. The Struma river flows north of the city, while several tributaries flow through the city area.

LifeLong Learning Center of Region of Central Macedonia will implement trainings  according to Spa management , Restaurant and service technics plus Tourism Business management not only at  municipality of Sintiki but also in the broad area of  regional unit of Serres.

Project activities will be implemented in the above described area but through Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia  regarding networking and capitalization actions, mainly through the “tourism operators networking event” will try to expand project’s results and impacts also in other territories.