Promote tourism and Culture through the water


Cross-Border cooperation INTERREG IPA  Gr – NM. 2014-2020

The project ToCulter

The project aims to promote tourism with emphasis on important water bodies and thermal springs, utilizing modern technology, innovative forms of tourism promotion and enhancing the overall tourism product through training.

The goal of the project is to create a common tourist identity based on water trails, specialized  locations and through an innovative platform and networking activities for the development of promotional tourism packages in order to improve the cross-border tourism product and services and to enhance the tourist flow in the area. The development of the tourism sector through the use of digital technology and ICT tools, as well as joint actions addressed to groups of customers with thematic interests, can enhance socio-economic development. In addition, training visits and training activities to develop skills in the tourism product will be supported. The long-term goal of the project is improving the standard of living and employment opportunities for the residents of the area, developing a sustainable and responsible tourism potential of the cross-border area, through innovative and quality tourism products and by extending the tourist season and increasing age of tourism.

The objectives of the project will be achieved through the development of a group of actions, such as: e-tools for the improvement of cross-border tourism product and services, digital signage networks, media and networking events of tourism operators, creation of a Local Quality Agreement for Tourism Businesses, training in tourism industry and study visits raising awareness of the local population and activities (exhibitions / promotional events) outside the program area strengthening the local tourism product in new domestic and foreign markets.

The results of the project will be used by the partners and the target groups, e.g. local population, tourists / visitors, local businesses active in tourism and related sectors with the aim of increasing their income, local and regional authorities involved in tourism development planning, associations for the elderly and travel agents.